‘Tis the holiday season – Nan Routine Video

I am in Cyprus for two weeks. During this holiday I will be posting videos of Christos’ behaviours. It’s unfair to ask for awareness by just writing about it. I want to show you what I mean when I say I cant sing in the car; his daily routines; a tantrum; the repetition. If you find it uncomfortable then it’s working, keep watching and keep in mind, this isn’t out of the ordinary. This is every day, this is what it’s really like to live with someone with Autism. This is what Christos is like.

Don’t feel uncomfortable, don’t stop watching, don’t feel pity; just learn.

As I have already mentioned in Making Routine Flexible c) Chris & his Nan routine Christos likes to drink tea and play with whipped cream for hours. It balances his sensory overload. You think that’s weird? Think again. When every inch of your body is aching from the heat, the sounds, it’s soothing to focus on one thing.


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