Happy Sunday!

Christos is at the Waterpark, where are you?

That smile means happy. It means he has everything he needs. It means that in that moment, on this day he was completely happy. How many times can you say you’ve felt this way? How many times have you let yourself go and were completely happy? 

Taking him to the Waterpark used to be very fearful, much like taking him to Disneyland. The biggest fear is that we will lose him, he will slip and fall, we’ll call out his name and he won’t respond, he’ll push someone by accident and they won’t understand. These fears were unnecessary. He just likes to be outside, in the water with my mum. He doesn’t run away. He doesn’t push. He doesn’t go on any rides and he doesn’t pee in the pool. He’s just a happy boy enjoying the Waterpark. 

*UPDATE* Mum just called and said that for the first time ever Christos asked to go on the slide.. And he did! He never stops growing. He never stops surprising us. Nothing stays still with Autism, we are always on our toes. 

Autism can be happy, it can smile, it can enjoy, it can joke. 

I hope you have a pretty and happy Sunday. 

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