Christos’ clothes

Funny Fact: As you may have noticed, Chris is a big boy. So when he outgrows his clothes I usually take a few bits. They’re nice and comfy and big and also i like to have his things with me in the UK.

He does not like this. When i was over there during Easter I tried to pack some of this jumpers so he started wearing them on top of his clothes to show me that they are his. I packed, he unpacked; for about 3 hours.

When I called mum and made her speak to him and of course he listened.

IMG_2735.JPG IMG_2734.JPG IMG_2736.JPG

When he catches me wearing his clothes he will point and make me apologise. Sometimes, he even makes me take it off. He’ll point and show everyone that the jumper I’m wearing is his; it’s Christos’ jumper. And then it’ll be over, like a falling star he’ll go back to what he was doing and ignore me.

Don’t assume that they don’t understand their surroundings just because they cannot express themselves. Sensory overload is something you have to work on to understand. You cannot change it, but you can investigate it, find out what they are sensitive to and causes outbursts or tantrums. Each child is different, don’t rely on stories from others; find out what gets to your own kid.

We never stop learning from Autism.


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