‘Tis the season

To remember the people we love that aren’t with us anymore; to appreciate the people that are here and love you; to recognise power of one day moving masses of people to do something nice for people around them; and to, instead, practice kindness, understanding and love for the rest of the year, rather than of preach it for a day; to respect nature, and remember the devastation we, our neighbours, and the world lived through 10 years ago, today; to learn to incorporate all the resolutions, charity and random acts of kindness you do during this season, into the rest of your year; to be happy with what you have and not trample each other to death for a jacket that’s 50% off.

I haven’t spent Christmas with my family for 3 years; you don’t need a day to show your family you care. I talk to my mum, dad, and brother every day; whether on skype or whatsapp. Stop waiting for one day to contact the people you love.

10 years ago today I was holding onto Chris, while my parents were frantically trying to grab whatever they could from our house in Sri Lanka, because the second tsunami wave was coming.

8 years ago was the last time we spent Christmas all together, in Sri Lanka, holding up candles for the people lost in the tsunami.

3 years ago was the last time I spent Christmas with Christos.

It’s not a day for presents. It’s not a day for being kind either. It’s a day to celebrate all the good things you have done throughout the year gone. Whether you are religious or not, the meaning behind Christmas is human kindness, helping people, accepting the old, the poor, the ill, the outcasts; everyone./home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/46b/55851256/files/2014/12/img_6122.jpg

Take care of the people you love, keep in touch, be kind and forgive. But more importantly, be kind to people around you, people that probably don’t even know they need you. You can change people’s lives every day, with little effort; a smile, a warm meal, or even learning about a disability. Every person you meet is fighting their own battle, don’t close yourself off, don’t shut the world out because we need to make it a better place for your children, for our children, for the children who depend on our help.

So be kind this year, so you can celebrate Christmas next year and make it meaningful, so you can treat yourself if you can afford to. If one man can move the masses, why can’t you?

Society doesn’t change unless we change ourselves.

Embrace the spirit in 2015, learn about new things, make time for people you haven’t thought of talking to before. Make the world a better place; make this year count.


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