‘Tis the holiday season – no Singing

I am in Cyprus for two weeks. During this holiday I will be posting videos of Christos’ behaviours.It’s unfair to ask for awareness by just writing about it. I want to show you what I mean when I say I cant sing in the car. (Car Routine)

This is every day, this is what it’s really like to live with someone with Autism. This is what Christos is like.

Don’t feel uncomfortable, don’t stop watching, don’t feel pity; just learn.

I’ve mentioned before how we are t allowed to sing; ever. You can’t even hum, or whistle, or mouth the words. Mum got a sore throat once from singing so much and so loud when Christos wasn’t in the car. Even when I’m alone I try not to sing, I’m so scared he’s lurking somewhere waiting to make me apologise for singing. At the pool he likes to have music on, so I tried to get all my humming and whistling done when he was underwater. I mean, we don’t sing that good and most of the time I make lyrics up but he doesn’t like us singing because he enjoys the music so much. So he’ll say “Akouo” which means “Listen” only, don’t sing and ask us to apologise. This is what’s happening in this video.



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