I Believe In, Advocate For, Support & Love Someone with Autism

Autism Canada turns 40 this year! 40 years of support to the Autism community; 40 years of fighting for rights & awareness; 40 years of keeping hope alive.

I came into contact with Autism Canada through Twitter, when they retweeted me in October. It was so exciting to think Untitledthat an organisation like them would look and read about my brother. We have stayed in touch since and I’ve met some lovely parents and a sibling; all this through one retweet.

Autism Canada has now launched their “I Believe in, Advocate for, Support & Love Someone with Autism” campaign which sets out to prove that this saying is much more powerful than words.

These words give strength and bring hope to the future of those living with autism and their families.

You can see more about their campaign here: http://teesforthepeople.com/products/i-believe-in-someone-with-autism-2016
uploads-5802-11ab4b7b-65d3-4cba-a63b-d5217c90d02d-model+in+blackThe thing about awareness is that you have to put yourself out there to make it happen. That’s why these t-shirts are such a great idea! If people get them, wear them in their every day life someone will catch a glimpse of it, another might ask a question; that’s how we achieve awareness. I’ve already ordered two for Chris and I – we’d do anything for a good cause, would you?

Wear the t-shirts and help the world “See the Spectrum Differently”.

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