What can you do for Autism Awareness Month? Here’s 30 things..

1) Bake, share, & eat some desserts with your kids; try these Puzzle Piece Rice Crispy Treats

2) Watch the webinar: Autism Explosion by Dr. Coplan shown on April 4th  through Re-Think Autism.

3) Print and Share Friendship Fact Autism Awareness Bookmarks with your friends by the Learning Curve with your friends and family.

4) Learn about Be AWAARE!

5) Learn about Visual Supports & Autism

6) Make your working environment Autism Friendly.

7) Learn about Families living with Autism, Assistive Technology and Transition Planning to facilitate your communication skills.

8) Attend an autism awareness event in your area.

9) Pick up a book on Autism. Autism Books 101

10) Use a personal story to let alert people that this will be a month filled with a lot of autism information in the news and a lot of autism activities to attend.

11) Print out these Autism Awareness Printables and educate your children about the autistic kids in their school.

12) Shop and fundraise with this beautiful autism awareness glass jewellery.

13) Shop for autism. Show off your acceptance, tolerance, and awareness.

14) Create some visual supports for your local special needs class.

15) Shop for Autism Magnets

16) Make a donation

17) Ask a local business to carry the Autism Awareness ribbon.

18) Listen to an on-line module. Autism Internet Modules are excellent and free.

19) Read a new autism blog. One of these.

20) Learn and share information about the National Standards Project

21) Check out and share this fantastic APP LIST by Heather J Bridman & Nick Weiland (January 2012) from the Ohio Center for Autism & Low Incidence.

22) Support people with autism or other developmental disabilities in your community.

23) Learn about fantastic people with autism. Here is an example: Haley Moss is an accomplished artist and author. She has written a GREAT book, Middle School: The Stuff Nobody tells You about.

24) Check out some new Apps and share some of your favorite apps.

25) Learn more about AAC and Autism. There are many types of AAC: gestures, sign language, picture symbols, and speech generating devices.

26) Explore websites about Autism and Inclusion.

27) Meet someone with autism.

28) Plan an activity.

29) Stay current!

30) Share all the new things you learn about Autism with your friends and family.

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