I don’t know how to start this. I’ve always wanted to start a blog but never had the courage to actually do it. It’s one of those things we want to do – like go to the gym, watch a sunset by the pyramids or swim with dolphins – but we usually let life get in the way.

The blog tips I got from various friends were “Be yourself”, “Spell check” and “Pick a theme, write about something you’re passionate about”. I had a little run-in with blog writing a couple of months back and wrote a post about unemployment and the woes of being a law graduate in the state of today’s economy. But that’s not passion, its frustration and complaining; don’t want to put that out there in the world.

My brother, that’s what I’m passionate about. I think I realised this would be my theme a couple of days ago when I read a guest blog article on BBC about how autistic children are presented with special jargon phrases. Mark Neary captured it completely; it made me laugh out loud and at the same time gave me the courage to write this. The way society and the social care systems view autistic children is nothing short of irritating.

So I wanna talk about this small-town hero who is my inspiration and the driving force behind everything I do, accomplish or become in life.


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  1. I was so moved by your article on The Mighty, that I had to find your blog.

    I am the mother of three, one diagnosed with Autism. The sibling bond they share is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed.

    Thank you for your advocacy. Thank you for being such an amazing, kind, caring person. The world needs more people like you. God Bless.

    • Jennifer, wherever you are, whatever you are doing know that you have given me hope and reminded me why I’m sacrificing all my free time on studying and my weekend on exams. For Christos, for your child. So that one day we can give them a voice that will resonate throughout the world and give our boys and girls the world they deserve. You are amazing.

  2. I found your latest article on Twitter via the Kate Winslet Golden Hat Foundation Twitter feed.

    Thank you.

    My 5 year old son has an older sister and I worried sometimes about the negative effects of having a sibling on the spectrum although I suspected there would be lots of positive “side effects” as well. Your post confirmed the latter and gave me so much reassurance because my daughter is sweet and kind as I perceive you also are from reading how devoted you are to Christos’ wellbeing, as she is to her little brother. She will be more than just fine, she will thrive, in part because of the blessing of having her little bother, exactly as he is.

    I wish you and your family all the best and will follow your blog postings from now on : )

    • Hi Andrea,
      Thank you for reaching out. People see autism as a disability, even an inconvenience to families. I try to show, through this blog, that autism gives us gifts of strength, resilience, ambition and undying passion. You are right, your daughter will thrive. She will grow up strong, independent, driven, compassionate. I am sure they both will. Because of autism but mostly because of the courage they see in you as a parent. You must be so proud of them. I hope you find the blog helpful, the earlier posts talk about therapies we tried and how we handled routine issues. Please get in touch if you want more info, recipes or just to let me know how you are all doing!
      Thank you for sharing your story with me. Sending your family lots of love and strength.

  3. Γειά σου Δώρα. Έχω και γω αδελφό με νοηματική υστέρηση. Με συγκίνησες. Είσαι κούκλα.. Σαφήνω τα στοιχεία μου αν θες να επικοινωνήσουμε


  4. Your blog is wonderful! It is great to see how you display Christos and his autism as positive rather than a horrific disability.

    Your passion is like mine as I am also a sister of an autistic young person. My delightful younger sister has changed my whole world but I wouldn’t change a thing about it or her.

    Life with autism isn’t easy but it is great to come across blogs so accepting and appreciating of the beauty and uniqueness of autism.
    You have also given me courage to record stories about my life and interactions with autism.
    Would love to share stories with you.

    Best wishes from
    Nicole and my wonderful autistic sister Shannon

  5. Good evening Dora,
    Congratulations for your blog. I have a son diagnosed with Autism since 2010 ,he is 8,5 years old now. I wish he had a sister like you!! He is the only I have. …Here in Greece we don’t have any help concerning Autism and believe me it’s too hard to handle all this situation especially if you are a mother/father.
    P.s:can we have the option of Greek language in the blog somehow ?? Thank you

    • Kalimera k.Valia, euxaristw gia ta omorfa sas logia. Pws lene ton mikro? Lipame pou den exete arketi stiriksi stin ellada – mporw na milisw me kapoia contacts pou exw kai na sas valw se epikinwnia mazi tous. An xreiazeste voithia mporw na sas sistisw stin mama mou k se alles mamades pou einai meli tou sillogou mas gia simvoules 🙂 Distixws den grafw sta ellinika alla exw grapsei 1-2 arthra an thelete na ta diavasete. Ta links einai sto menu katw apo to published.


  6. Pragmatika efxaristo gia tin diathesi sou na voithiseis.Den leo oxi se opoiadipote pliroforia mporeis na mou doseis ☺. Ton mikro ton lene Giorgo kai zoume stin kriti-chania. Se nisi einai akoma pio diskola ta pragmata.Parola auta kanoume oti mporoume…
    Na xereis oti h agapi sou k i stiriksi pou dineis ston aderfo sou me ton tropo sou, mou dinei kouragio gia na kano k ego ston Giorgo ena aderfaki, esto kai me tosa xronia diafora. Polla filia😚

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