In 2016:

I fell in love with a city. 

I survived a terrorist attack. 

My brother became an adult.

I worked with Amnesty and thousands of others and succeded in getting Albert Woodfox out of solitary confinment. 

I worked with Ambitious about Autism to raise awareness on employability and adults with autism for the United Nations Day of Families. 

I travelled to so many beautiful places. 

I moved into a flat on my own. 

I won the last game of Catan. 

I got a new job.

I met beautiful people from around the world who showed love and understanding towards autism.

I am in Sri Lanka and we are raising awareness helping an adult with autism. 

2016 is as bad as you let it be. Love those we lost but love those standing by you even more. 

My forever favourite moment of 2016 is this video: 

Bring on 2017 🖤


One thought on “2016

  1. Go Dora!!-quite full year and quite a success for you I think. May 2017 be as productive!! Stay Happy-Stay Blessed!! Dora X

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