#Brexit Then and Now

On the morning of the 23rd June I woke up to a sort-of apocalypse.

First thoughts:

  1. I’m moving.
  2. I’m quitting or getting fired – I work for the UKs European University.
  3. I’ve spent 8 years studying UK law, I’ve just finished training to not be able to practice it because see thought numero uno.
  4. Where am I moving to? Ugh, I hate moving.
  5. Guess I won’t be investing in buying a flat.
  6. Can I learn a new language?
  7. Good thing I got my passport renewed.
  8. Guess I won’t be applying for citizenship.
  9. My brother and I can’t move here with me in the future because why would we choose to live in a non-European country when we are European citizens?
  10. What a waste.

I got racially abused 3 times that day. The panic didn’t settle for about a week.

Thoughts 10 days later:

  1. Brexit is illegal.
  2. The Brexit orchestrators have jumped ship. In the words of Juncker – they have proven themselves to be “retro-nationalists”, pseudo-patriots, because “Patriots don’t resign when things get difficult, they stay.
  3. Well, actually I’m a Commonwealth citizen.
  4. I can practice international law anywhere. Maybe Brussels?
  5. Nothing is changing anytime soon.
  6. Nicola Sturgeon is my heroine.
  7. Wales is in the semi finals of Euro 2016.
  8. I should probably learn another language.
  9. Need to start looking at Autism support organisations in continental Europe
  10. The UK is my home.

Panic over.

New plan: Use the next couple of years to gain experience and find my place in the legal sector. If the UK leaves – leave. Find a country I can work in, find a country my brother and I can grow old in, where he can join a respected and efficient autism group and enjoy the freedoms afforded to us by our Cypriot citizenship.  Start teaching him words in french or spanish; like ‘ola’ or ‘baguette’.

If the UK stays – stay. Continue with old plan.

I’ve lived and I’ve loved here, I’ve built my life here. It makes me sad to think of leaving this behind, but either way one thing is constant, unchanged and unwavering – his wellbeing above everyone else’s. Even if that means leaving behind a future I had mapped out.

Either way – he is everything and for now, just this smile.


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