100 posts

This is the 100th post.

It won’t be a sob story, it will be random facts about Christo:

311028_10150465974095030_728517636_nHe sleeps with his knees up and one foot resting on the other.

He only lets the top of his drink touch his mouth when he sips – so he doesn’t gulp he just sort of purses his lips and sucks in bits of his drink with a ton of air – it makes a delightful sound. He also does this with soup.

When he was younger he used to be covered in scars, because if he got a scratch, a mosquito bite or anything of the sort he would pick on it and bleed.

He fell off my piano stool and cut open his lip – he has a tiny scar where he needed stitcheIMG_7017s.

He likes honey in his tea.

Ever since he was little I would
chase him up the stairs because it freaked him out a bit and it made me laugh. Every time he is walking up stairs and I am behind he wants me to chase him.

His favourite song now is ‘Take Me To Church’.

His eyelashes are so long they touch his eyebrows.

He is very, very ticklish.

He hates the dark and screams Home Alone-style if the lights are off.

Way back when he was shorter and smaller than me, I used to give him piggie-back rides – he loved it, he called me his horse.

He’s funny.

 When I ask him if he knows how much I love him he spreads his arms wide and says “Toso” (this much).

When dad asks him who the best son in the world is he says “Christos”.

When nan asks him if he knows how much she loves him, he says “os ton ourano” (to the sky).

When he kisses me he gives me 6-7 kisses in a row because he knows I would have asked for more, so he gets it out of the way in one go.

I don’t know how to explain it but he is so much more than his Autism. Yes, he doesn’t speak clearly but he’s funny; he has humour, fears, doubts, love. Just because he doesn’t speak clearly doesn’t mean he cannot feel. It doesn’t mean he cannot empathise. It doesn’t mean he cannot listen.
I started this blog on July 29th 2013. I never thought anyone would ever look at it because, come on, blogging was so 2009.

100 posts later we’ve had 7 articles published.

2 years later Christos’ stories have been shared with over 100,000 people from around the world.

Hundreds of new connections know something new about Autism, about Christos and keep in touch, sharing stories, ideas and concerns.

    Lots of XO – D

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