The blog hit 1000 views this week.
It has been shared on Twitter and Facebook.
I’ve had messages from people from around the world, friends and family telling me what they have learned from reading what has been posted on here and how it’s affected them, how it has helped them understand.

What we face every day as a family living with Autism is being shared with these people and the entire point of this blog is to raise Autism awareness.

The point of this blog is to give people, insiders and outsiders, an insight into what Autism is; to remove the prejudice and misconceptions that exist about Autism; to touch people that are facing the same, or worse, situations; to make them aware that they are not alone; to make everyone else aware that Autism isn’t something you can ignore or push aside.

Autism is real. We live with it every day. It affects millions of people all around you.

The point of this blog is to make you understand that Autism is not solitary, it’s something that can be treated, up to an extent, by a group/united effort.

Most importantly this blog is about Christos, and making the world a place where he can grow up being himself.
If I could explain this to him he would want to say thank you to you.


We would have been grateful with inspiring only one person with this blog. Thank you for helping create a community that will accept him, and make him a part of the world; with equal rights, equal opportunities; with the chance to live a life free of the autism stigma.

Christos is having a carefree weekend with his dad, eating his favourite curry, at his favourite spot and playing with this favourite box of flat beans.

He’s happy.


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