“I am Autism”

This is yet another video by Autism Speaks. I can’t analyse it, condone it or condemn it.

The reason? This is so horrific, I couldn’t stand to watch the whole thing. The words, the tone, the menacing music? Might as well throw in a blood covered maniac with a chainsaw and call him Autism. It treats Autism as a disease. One that ruins lives, families, marriages, people. It threatens.

It’s a short video produced by the same person who directed the 3rd Harry Potter movie (yes, really) and features an ominous voice saying things like “I am autism…I know where you live…I work faster than pediatric AIDS, cancer, and diabetes combined…I will make sure your marriage fails.”

It creates a stigma that makes it far more difficult for us and our autistic children to remove the taboo that is the autism label. It makes it impossible to move away from descriptions that render “screaming, violent, rocking in the corner autistic” stereotypes.

Watch the video here

Read the transcript here

Don’t let this be your definition of Autism, educate yourselves. Be aware, learn the truth about Autism.

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